CombiSeries sets new standards in process instrumentation

Baumer is taking functionality, safety and flexibility in process instrumentation to a whole new level with its new CombiSeries. The first two models in this new series, namely the CombiPress pressure transmitter and the CombiTemp temperature gauge are already available for the market. Both products can be combined with the new CombiView display generation and thus provide maximum customer benefit. Together with the stainless steel hygienic housing that was also newly developed, the measuring instruments can be set up and utilized according to the individual needs of the user, for example, in the food industry.

Keyence International

IV Series

With this new sensor, Keyence makes vision sensors accessible to everyone. Affordable, quick start-up and easy to use: no need to be an expert. This new solution is highly reliable and covers virtually all vision sensors' needs, making it a beneficial alternative to one or more sensors when detection needs to follow a moving target.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

HMS sets Netbiter free

HMS offers customers free access to the Netbiter Argos remote management service, now available in nine languages.


Tested With Safety

Automated Testing Equipment for Photovoltaic Central Inverter


Speedy delivery: Optimising parts management keeps production on schedule

Fischcon PV, the Dutch-based manufacturer of custom hydraulic packs and firefighting systems used in oil and gas exploration, found that creating a single, transparent process for managing the procurement of authorised components accelerated order fulfillment and provided numerous customer benefits.


Weidmüller's serial/Ethernet converters equipped with one or two ports for industrial automation. – Simplifies integration of serial devices in industrial Ethernet networks

Weidmüller's new serial/Ethernet converters integrate devices with serial interfaces in industrial Ethernet networks - simply and reliably | Designed-in functionality protects previous investments in existing automation components. The Ethernet interface of the devices supports a broad spectrum of operation modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Real COM, RFC2217, Reverse Telnet, Pair Connection and Ethernet-Modem – designed-in versatility that guarantees network software compatibility. The converter is eminently suitable for deployment in automated industrial applications in which devices with a serial RS-232, RS-242 or RS-485 interface communicate in an Ethernet network; examples of such devices include control systems, sensors, measuring instruments, motors, drives, barcode scanners and operating status indicators. Two Ethernet ports integrated in the device can be used as Ethernet switch ports – a feature that reduces the costs of cabling, because users no longer need to connect each device to a separate Ethernet switch. Users are also able to implement a cascade connection comprising several serial/Ethernet converters to create an Ethernet network structure that enables uncomplicated access to components with a serial interface, for example via PCs. An integrated web interface allows users to configure all converter functions and Ethernet network parameters in a user-friendly environment.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Quality requirements drive MAN Diesel & Turbo

It is no accident that MAN Diesel & Turbo uses industrial computers from Beijer Electronics as human machine interface (HMI) for the company’s giant B&W engines. The choice was based on a very thorough evaluation and negotiation process, in which suppliers from all over the world were compared against each other. On board ships, reliability is absolutely crucial, so all components in the redundant control system have to be of the highest quality.

NORD Drivesystems

Robust NORD gear units ensure smooth operation in waste water treatment facility in Tunis

The waste water treatment plant in Tunis, which is operated by the Tunisian public enterprise Office National de l'Assainissement (ONAS), supplies approx. 2.5 million people in the metropolitan area with process water. To enable the bacterial decomposition of dirt particles, the waste water needs to be oxygenated by constant churning. Two large geared motors propel the mixers around the clock. In the outdoor facility, temperature can drop to -5 °C in winter, and rise to 45 °C in summer. The present text discusses the need to consider not only performance but also the total cost of ownership.

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