HMS Industrial Networks AB

HMS Networks memperluas merek Anybus yaitu Anybus Diagnostics

HMS Networks mengumumkan perluasan merek Anybus?dengan memperkenalkan Anybus Diagnostics, nantinya Anybus Diagnostics ini akan menjadi lini bisnis baru yang berfokus untuk membantu perusahaan industri menghindari waktu henti tanpa rencana dan memakan banyak biaya.

Beckhoff News

Control cabinet-free automation now includes pneumatic valves

Beckhoff's MX-System aims to eliminate control cabinets by replacing wiring with a baseplate that allows electronic modules to be interconnected via standardized interfaces. All classic control cabinet functions are covered, and pneumatic valves from Festo and SMC can be integrated directly.

Dormer Pramet News

New options for economical face milling

Dormer Pramet has launched covering a wide range of applications with negative octagonal and square inserts, along with a variety of shell mills.

Beckhoff News

Beckhoff lanuches XTS linear transport system

XTS provides contactless energy transfer and synchronous real-time data communication on XTS movers, allowing them to perform a variety of robot functions and increase area productivity by executing process steps in parallel.

Advantech News

Advantech 730 Series is a low-power SQF PCIe Gen 4 SSD

Advantech's SQFlash 730 M.2 2280 SSD features high-performance main control IC chips to achieve Gen 4 read/write speeds up to 5,000MB/s and 3,900MB/s respectively.

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