PT Teko Tinting and Engineering IM GROUP’s Southeast-Asian based tinting-solutions and R&D branch has completed a major installation, of an Inkmaker top-of-the-range paint dispensing system, at Mowilex’s factory in Serang, Indonesia.

Beckhoff News

Beckhoff: High flexibility, precision and integration in test bench engineering

When it comes to creating test benches, Italian company Advantech Time is breaking new ground and changing the traditional landscape in the field of measurement and test engineering. PC-based control from Beckhoff ensures flexibility and a multidisciplinary approach in the test laboratory, integrating two activities that were previously always separate, industrial control and data acquisition.

Siemens News

Siemens perkenalkan infrastruktur berkelanjutan untuk Indonesia

Acara Siemens Smart Infra-ConneX menyatukan lebih dari 200 pemangku kepentingan utama dari sektor publik dan swasta. Para pembicara dari pemerintah, badan usaha milik negara, lembaga pembiayaan internasional dan kredit ekspor, serta pakar teknologi Siemens hadir dalam acara ini.


Cartonnages Vaillant tools up with new EXPERTCUT die-cutter from BOBST

The French manufacturer is one of the first in the world to take delivery of the new EXPERTCUT 2.1 Autoplaten® die-cutter with TooLink technology, installed recently to increase productivity and expand opportunities in corrugated board packaging with the widest variety of e-commerce and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) boxes.

Multivac News

Packaging hot food: New SFP Light steam flushing system saves energy costs

Soups, ravioli or noodles: Up to now caterers and kitchens have had to allow hot food to cool down, in order for it to be vacuum packed effectively. This costs time and reduces flexibility, and in the case of active cooling this also takes energy. The alternative from MULTIVAC the packaging specialists: the new SFP Light steam flushing system.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

HMS Industrial Networks: Terus melangkah

Tantangan Komunikasi & Keamanan yang Dihadapi Produsen Robot Berjalan. Robot berjalan (mobile robot) ada di mana-mana, mulai dari gudang, rumah sakit, hingga jalanan. Robot jenis ini populer karena lebih murah, aman, mudah ditemukan, dan produktif dibandingkan pekerja manusia.

NORD Drivesystems

Drive solutions for the bulk goods industry:Reliable, safe and customised drive systems

Whether storing, conveying, weighing and dosing, or loading and unloading: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS develops and produces scalable drive solutions for all sectors of the bulk goods industry. The drives are individually tailored to the customised application, and offer high energy efficiency paired with a robust design.

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