NORD Drivesystems

NORD provides product data with EPLAN

Technical and electrical product data, as well as product macros for NORD electronic drive components, are now available in the web-based EPLAN data portal and can be used by all members of the portal for their project work.

NORD Drivesystems


Agitating, mixing pumping: Drive solutions for process engineering in ATEX versions and with excellent corrosion protection

NORD Drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at Underhåll 2018 in Sweden: Intelligent Solutions for Production and Maintenance

Digitalisation of production is also fundamentally changing the field of maintenance and repair. Smart networking of plant and machinery enables the recording and evaluation of large amounts of performance data and therefore continuous status monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Interroll Thailand pindah ke lokasi baru yang lebih luas

Sant'Antonino, Swiss, 8 Januari 2017. Meningkatnya permintaan dari Asia Tenggara untuk solusi terkait dengan aliran perpindahan material memberikan Interroll momentum untuk meningkatkan kegiatan bisnisnya dengan Thailand sebagai pusat regional.

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