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Achieving the Highest Score, Trakindo Named Best Employers Indonesia 2023

Global HR consulting firm Kincentric named Trakindo as Best Employers Indonesia 2023 and Special Most Engaged Workplace recognition for its commitment to organizational sustainability and high levels of employee engagement.

Achieving the Highest Score, Trakindo Named Best Employers Indonesia 2023

Caterpillar heavy equipment solutions provider in Indonesia PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) has been named one of the best companies in Indonesia in creating an exceptional work experience for employees in the Best Employers 2023 category by global HR consulting firm Kincentric. Beyond that, even the high number of employee involvement managed to bring Trakindo to get an additional award, namely special recognition as one of the companies with the highest employee involvement or Most Engaged Workplace. It was noted that Trakindo has consistently shown an increase in score in the last 6 years, even this year's employee engagement score reached 95% or an increase of 5% from the previous year. This achievement indicates that employees have a positive work experience, thus fostering a high emotional and intellectual commitment to the company.

Welcoming Trakindo's achievement this year, Trakindo's Chief Administration Officer Yulia Yasmina explained that in line with the company's mission, which is to build a company that is able to create decent and quality jobs for as many Indonesians as possible, Trakindo always consistently carries a Winning Culture Mindset to employees. "This achievement is very important for us to measure the emotional and intellectual commitment of employees to the company, so that we can achieve organizational sustainability and be the best in the business, by continuing to create a comfortable, mutually supportive environment, and opportunities for growth for employees," explained Yulia.

This year, 7.894 people or 100% of Trakindo employees from all over Indonesia participated in responding to the survey. The response was obtained through a survey method from November 21 to December 6, 2023, through 69 closed questions and 6 open questions to each employee. Based on the survey results, 95% of Trakindo employees have felt a strong attachment to the company. In addition, it was also revealed that this year Trakindo employees experienced a better experience in terms of Rewards & Recognition, Senior Leadership, Work Life Balance, and Trust in Actions.

Kincentric Singapore Director Andrew How explained that Trakindo's consistent commitment in involving its employees has resulted in recognition as one of the best companies in the Best Employers 2023 category from Kincentric. "After more than a decade of focus on employee engagement, Trakindo has achieved the highest score and is now entitled to hold the prestigious status as one of the best companies in the Best Employers 2023 category by Kincentric, with results that exceed the average of other companies in Indonesia. Kincentric is proud of this long-term partnership with Trakindo, and looks forward to maintaining this collaboration in the future," said Andrew.

The results of the Kincentric survey also stated that Trakindo employees were considered satisfied from various aspects, including support in employee career development and advancement, pride as part of Trakindo, and felt that employee collaboration was very good through clear and open communication. Employees rated that Trakindo was quite effective and outstanding in innovating (94% employee satisfaction). In addition, most employees also think that Trakindo pays great attention and facilitates employees by providing cutting-edge technology to do their jobs optimally (94% employee satisfaction). Employees also believe that Trakindo can foster a culture of collaboration in a good organization (91% employee satisfaction) so that interdivisions in the company can synergize well with each other and create a team that has a brand spirit of Advancing You Forward.

"The achievement of this award cannot be separated from the hard work of the entire Trakindo family who are always committed to creating a conducive work environment for employees. We hope that in the future we can continue to maintain this achievement and have a positive impact on all employees, customers, and also society as a whole," Yulia concluded.


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