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Rockwell Automation and autonox Robotics collaborate to create new manufacturing possibilities

Rockwell Automation has announced a strategic partnership to enable companies in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa to benefit from unified robot control solutions.

Rockwell Automation and autonox Robotics collaborate to create new manufacturing possibilities

The two companies have collaborated to bring the industry-leading Kinetix® motors and drives of Rockwell with the robot mechanics of autonox together in a customer-friendly catalog-number-approach. The robot solutions are programmed and controlled in a single environment using Logix-based controllers and the Studio 5000 automation system design software.

This removes the need to try and coordinate traditionally disparate machine control and robot systems, instead yielding a simplified system architecture helping teams work more efficiently, deploy systems faster and create more effective robotic automation systems. This unified robot control solution will be possible using autonox’s line of DELTA and DuoPod robot mechanics.

“Manufacturers everywhere are facing a need to implement automation that is more agile and more intuitive so that their teams can act quickly, and they can realize the full potential of a robotic implementation to optimize their processes. By using our unified robot control capability with autonox robots, companies can be better prepared to get the most out of their manufacturing assets today and be ready with flexible solutions that can meet future demands,” says Ritchie Logan, global lead, robotics technology partnerships, Rockwell Automation.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Rockwell Automation to achieve our goal of providing innovative robotic solutions that can be operated directly with Rockwell drive technology. This meets the current requirements of most machine building customers worldwide. We look forward to working with Rockwell to usher in a new era of productivity in plants across industries,” says Hartmut Ilch, chief executive officer, autonox Robotics.

Autonox Robotics DELTA and DuoPod robot mechanics are made of carbon fiber composites, stainless steels, titanium, aluminum and steel alloys, and are available in FDA-compliant materials, with special coatings, IP69K protection class and high-temperature resistant designs.


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