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Cognex's DataMan 280 Barcode Reader Gets Enhanced Lighting for Direct-Part Mark Code Reading

The DataMan® 282 fixed-mount barcode reader, outfitted with the company's high-powered integrated torch and optional dome lighting attachment.

Cognex's DataMan 280 Barcode Reader Gets Enhanced Lighting for Direct-Part Mark Code Reading

The lighting components enhance the product's ability to read direct-part marks (DPMs) by optimizing lighting contrast and minimizing glare and background interference.

DPMs are notoriously difficult to read as they are often imprinted on curved, shiny metal surfaces, such as electric vehicle (EV) components, consumer electronics, and medical devices. These challenging surfaces cause barcode some readers to pick up too much glare, failing to illuminate the component or isolate the code.

"Our dome diffuser delivers high read rates on direct-part marks by illuminating components while minimizing background noise, even on reflective surfaces. Leveraging the proven 1D and 2D code-reading abilities of the DataMan 280, the DataMan 282 enables higher read rates and improved traceability across a wide range of industries and applications,” 
said Matt Moschner, Vice President of ID Products and Platforms.

In addition, the new HPIT enables users to change between red, white, blue, and green lighting options with a single click. Multicolor lighting allows users to pair the right lighting color with their application, helping to increase image contrast and leading to higher read rates and throughput.


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