The new Southco® CR Multi-Point Compression Latching System provides a robust solution to enhance secure performance with multiple key-locking options and adjustable multi-point latching for gasketed enclosures. High vandal resistance, sealed performance, and 5mm of centre-point compression, make it an optimal choice for use with environmental, EMI or RFI gaskets in a wide range of outdoor enclosures for telecom, electronics, or industrial equipment applications.

Four different locking options offer choices for enhanced security, convenient access control, and multi key code management flexibility. These include standard Southco® shuttered lock cores – with or without a supplemental padlock – DIN 18254 lock cores, and two industry-standard tool-access options with padlock protection. This key-locking versatility allows users to match key codes with other Southco® lock cores used throughout their installation, for single-key convenience. It offers the option of using higher security DIN lock cores, installed by Southco or by the end user. And it provides an add-on layer of padlocking security that allows end users to make instant changes to access control with supplemental 8mm padlocks.

Designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing look and ergonomic performance, the CR latch handle is partially recessed into the door panel for minimal protrusion – just 12mm. When the recessed handle is released, it creates a convenient user grip and provides the means for controlled release of the centre compression. Since the latch opens by turning the swing handle in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, it is well suited for close-quarter installations on either left-hand or right-hand opening doors.

The main latch housing fits outer door panels ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm thick, and can accommodate double-walled doors. Individually ordered multi-point latching rods allow the main latch mechanism to be mounted off-centre, or to be centred on doors up to 2 meters tall.
A wide selection of cams and the multi-point latching rods satisfy a broad range of enclosure designs and dimensions, while adjustment options allow the latching system to be fine-tuned to the dimensional and gasket requirements of each unique enclosure. Cam grip dimensions – the distance from the face of the door panel to the point of latch cam engagement – range from 6.5 mm to 112 mm. Each of the eleven cam options allows 5.5 mm of grip adjustment.

Even though this multi-point latching system is easy to install with standard wrenches, its heavy-duty construction and robust performance enable it to stand up to frequent use in demanding outdoor environments – with a maximum static load rating of 250N and an average ultimate load of 580N. It also meets Southco's Level-3 specification for vandal resistance – able to prevent access with a heavy-duty tool set (hammer, chisel, screwdriver, pry bar, etc.) for five minutes.

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