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ELIO® optical contact

ELIO® is the easiest-to-use optical contact for harsh environments on the market. All the steps are simplified, from cabling through installation to maintenance operations: hermaphroditic contact, tool-less contact insertion and extraction from the connector, female insert optical surfaces always accessible for easy cleaning, sealing of the ELIO® contact on the optical cable without additional adapters and more... ELIO® is the only mass-producted optical contact proven in flight on board the Airbus A380.


CERN chooses ARC Informatique’s PcVue supervision software package to manage LHC ventilation and cooling

Inaugurated at the end of 2008 at CERN, the LHC is the largest particle accelerator in the world with a circumference of nearly 27 kilometres. To monitor and control its ventilation systems and the 200 associated programmable controllers, CERN has chosen the PcVue supervision software developed by ARC Informatique and installed on-site by Assystem France. PcVue is perfectly suited to the dimensions of this type of application, while offering competitive installation and operating costs.


primeflex - The new top-class steel bellows coupling

primeflex stands for innovative technology oriented towards future applications at an exceptionally economic price. In contrast to other plug-in bellows couplings, it can be dismantled safely without putting the steel bellows at risk even after longer operating times.


Industrial wireless radios offer a reliable solution for Tecnorulli warehouse automated handling system

Holding and moving heavy metal tubes is not an easy task for automation engineers. Holding and moving heavy metal tubes… in narrow rows of automated warehouses… at high speed… is even… worth! Tecnorulli decided to go wireless for such types of applications. The wireless option faced issues due to the environment itself (everything is made of metal in the warehouse) and more over, the moving parts, the carriages which are navigating through the aisles for depositing and/or taking material from the shelves and rows, are themselves made of metal. In short, the RF environment is some of the worth you can imagine for robust, safe, and reliable wireless applications. Nevertheless, Tecnorulli wanted to overcome the challenge and decided to go wireless , with one objective: improve quality and response time to better serve their customers. ProSoft Technology’s RadioLinx industrial radios were the key to resolving the communications difficulties Tecnorulli was facing in its automated warehouse.


ILX56MM, with its new Message Manager, ProSoft Technology revolutionize data transfer from protocol to protocol

Interfacing systems using multiple protocols has never been so easy and quick. The new Message Manager module (ILX56-MM) from ProSoft Technology bridges automation controllers from different sources as it has never been done before. Traditionally, communication between PLCs requires (small) modifications to be done in each PLC program, often in several locations on the plant floor (repeatedly, new machines come with new PLCs), and often with multiple programming packages (because each PLC vendor has his own programming environment). With the new Message Manager from ProSoft Technology, the automation engineer has no PLC programming to do and above all no special software to buy, learn and maintain. Configuring the data transfers only requires… a few clicks!

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

ESD cable carriers

When manufacturing and processing electronic components, electrostatic discharge (ESD = ElectroStatic Discharge) presents a serious hazard for the sensitive electronics. In addition, the increasing miniaturization of semiconductor components means even greater sensitivity to ESD.

Ingersoll Rand

ARO-Flo Series clears the air for any tool and any application

The ARO Fluid Technologies business of Ingersoll Rand is releasing an expanded and improved ARO-Flo Series of filters, regulators and lubricators to clean and lubricate air for use with pneumatic tools. The upgraded line includes a new size and a new completely modular design that provides easier assembly and maintenance of the units and allows for more customization to meet specifications of various applications.

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